Professional Hardwood Floor Installation

Dan’s Home and Property Maintenance LLC

Changing the hardwood floors in your home is one of the best ways to completely transform the aesthetic of your home. Whether you are upgrading from vinyl tiles to a hardwood floor or if you simply want to change from one style of hardwood to another, hiring our handyman or professional hardwood installer is the best decision you will ever make regarding your home improvement. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to learn and install hardwood floor on your own and with little experience so hire us and we will complete the job with no hassle and at the cheapest rate.

Our Hardwood Floor Installation Warranty

One of the main things that DIY home owners forget about when they begin installing hardwood floor themselves is the warranty for flooring. It is important to know that your warranty will be null and void in the event that any damage is as a result of improper installation, which is why hiring our professional handyman is the better option. We do hardwood floor installation start in Gainesville and its surrounding counties.

Properly Installing Hardwood Floors

Above all, you’ll want to consider a professional for installing hardwood floor simply because they have the right tools and years of experience to do it properly. From figuring out if your sub-flooring is sufficient enough to knowing how to cut and place the planks accordingly, it can be quite a difficult task for an inexperienced home owner.

Paying for the Right Materials

When you take on projects on your own time you might find that you spend too much money on materials and most of the time, you won’t even be able to return them to the store. For example, if you spend too much money on quarter-round you might be stuck with it forever. It’s better to hire a professional, as they will know how to take proper measurements and overestimate for adhesive, quarter-round, and underpayment.

Preparing the Surface

The most difficult part of putting any type of floor down is preparing the surface before the materials are installed. A professional installer will have the right tools necessary to clean and level your sub-floor, as well as the knowledge necessary to know whether they can put floor on top of concrete, an existing wood floor, or even vinyl.


Absolutely love the finished work! I had Dan and his team paint the interior and exterior of my home and I could not be happier. Not only does it look beautiful but they are very friendly, reliable, and more than fair. I will definitely be using again!

Catie Davis

We have used Dan for several projects around our home over the past two years and have been totally satisfied with his work. Dan has done pressure washing, interior and exterior painting, lawn maintenance, carpentry and installing a privacy fence. He has always been professional, prompt, courteous and stands behind his work. You will not go wrong using Dan!

June Tripp

A++ I received excellent service at a fair and reasonable price. Dan came out and took care of everything. Highly recommended!!

Ben Armstrong

Dan painted, pressured washed, and trimmed the hedges of my home plenty of times. Dan is my go to painter and handyman. Thanks for your professional services.

Dashawn Denson